Frequently asked questions

How do I scan the RELIC?

Simply turn on your phone camera. Make sure the 'scan QR' setting is on under your camera options. Focus your camera at the QR code on the bottom of the RELIC. click the auto send that pops up on your phone. DONE! YOU WIN! THAT SIMPLE!

When does a RAID begin?

You should purchase a RAID ticket on a date and time that works for you and your team members. Each RAID is listed with the date and time the RAID will begin.

When will I receive my reward money?

The moment we verify that your RELIC code and your RAID number are linked, we will paypal or venmo your money to the phone number you registered when you purchased your ticket. SO... if you don't want your friend to get the money you better buy the ticket yourself! Then make your friends buy the next ticket.

Are RELICS hidden on private property?

Sometimes. Each RAID is typically a sponsored event so RELICs or QR codes to relics are hidden on those sponsor's property. But...public property is always a possibility and is used often.

Do I need any special equipment to play RELICRAID?

NOPE!, just a good friend or two, a little brain power, and the guts to get out of the house and do something fun! NO DAMAGE TO PROPERTY WILL BE TOLERATED. there will never be a need to tear anything apart or cut a tree down or dig a twelve foot hole. We WANT you to find the RELIC, that's kind of the point of the game!

Where can I play?

RELICRAID will eventually be across the country in various areas. Right now we are just starting so just keep an eye on the website for posted RAIDS. You can choose any RAID anywhere, any time.

What if the RELIC has been found?

Whenever a RAID is completed, meaning the RELIC has been found, we will notify each player associated with that RAID via text.

How many people can play per ticket?

You can have as much help as you like, but the code from the RELIC must come from a valid ticket holder for the RAID ticket you purchased. SO, if you have several friends helping, that is fine, just make sure whomever purchased the ticket is who sends the code. SIMPLE AS THAT.

Who can play?

Anybody can play. However the money can only be exchanged with players over the age of 18. WE DO NOT SELL YOUR INFO TO ANYBODY!!!

Why do I need to buy a ticket?

Each RAID is unique and tickets for each RAID have a specific ID to that RAID. This way, multiple RAIDs can be happening at the same time and in the same location but with different players. In otherwords, if you buy a ticket to RAID 'xyz' then you will only get clues to that RAID. While your friends might be playing RAID 'abc' at the same time you are playing. Your friends then will only get clues to thier 'abc' RAID. Same goals, different RAIDS.